Cirque 84

Cirque 84

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Capable of picking off technical couloirs while maintaining a smooth ride

Designed for moving fast and light in the mountains, the Cirque 84 can hustle. With its 84-mm waist, this ultralight machine can pick off technical couloirs while maintaining a smooth ride, thanks to its ultralight pre-preg carbon fiber layup and engineered paulownia wood core. Partial ABS sidewalls add dampness while keeping the weight to a minimum. A smooth flex combined with torsional stiffness keeps you solid with precise edge control on high-speed speed descents, and the ABS tail protector also has an integrated skin-clip tab to keep your skins secure when gunning for the summit. The tip is notched to allow for a variety of lightweight skin attachment methods.

Tech Specs

  • Construction --Ultralight Pre-Preg Carbon / Paulownia Wood Core / Partail ABS Sidewall/Semi Cap
  • Tail Style --140 mm Traditional
  • Tip Style --205 mm Rocker
  • Dimensions --[157 cm] 112-84-102
    [164 cm] 114-84-103
    [171 cm] 115-84-104
    [178 cm] 117-84-105
  • Turn Radius -- [157 cm] 17.5 m
    [164 cm] 18.5 m
    [171 cm] 19.5 m
    [178 cm] 20.5 m
  • Weight Per Pair -- [157 cm] 1.80 kg (3.97 lb)
    [164 cm] 1.92 kg (4.23 lb)
    [171 cm] 2.06 kg (4.54 lb)
    [178 cm] 2.20 kg (4.85 lb)

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