outside is better

We're here make sure your adventures, big and small, put a grin on your face

Mother Nature doesn’t care how old you are, how experienced you are, or why you choose to spend time outdoors—she’s just happy you’re here. And at Bristlecone Mountain Sports, so are we! That’s why we offer a diverse selection of outdoor gear and clothing for men, women, children, and anyone in between. We believe that the outdoors is for everyone, so we also offer on our online store and at our shop serving the Aspen area a variety of sports clothing and athletic gear products for every occasion. Whether you prefer camping, trail running, water sports, or winter sports, we have the gear you need to get outside and keep you safe the entire time you’re there.

Just because you’re playing outside and getting your hands dirty doesn’t mean you don’t get to look good while doing it. Bristlecone Mountain Sports has been trusted by those in and around Aspen for sports clothing and athletic gear of amazing quality for over 25 years; so you can trust us to have you covered from head to toe with clothing, shoes, and accessories that are stylish, comfortable, and functional. We even have mountain lifestyle clothing options for those who like to combine their work and play in one day. Spending time outdoors has truly never looked or felt so good!

Through our online store and our location serving the greater Aspen area, we offer sports clothing and athletic gear that is always made with high-quality materials that will keep you protected against even the harshest mountain elements. Details about these materials are in the description of each one of our products in our online store. Although we have been proudly supplying Aspen with premier camping, skiing, and running outdoor gear and sports clothing for 25 years, our online store is used by outdoor enthusiasts all across the country. Contact us to learn more about how our products can benefit your lifestyle. We can’t wait to make your next outdoor adventure epic!